Your Healthy, Beautiful Smile Is Our Priority

An educated patient will not only understand suggested treatments but will most often make the right decisions concerning the course of their current and future dental care.

At Mount Joy Dental, we believe that education is the key to productive patient/dental office relationship. Our professional team is readily available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Listed below, for your reference, are documents to help our patients in their everyday dental care and commonly asked questions:


1. Emergency Dental Care
2. What to expect at your first appointment
3. Electronic Dental Insurance (EDI)
4. Different Methods of Restoring a Tooth
5. Different Ways of Dealing with Tooth Loss
6. The Growth & Development of our Teeth & Face
7. The Diseases that can Affect our Dental Health
8. How Dental health affects your entire body
9. Dental Terminology
10. Sedation Dentistry