Missing Teeth? We Can Provide A Spare

Are you missing one or more teeth? Dr. Chari is an expert in the field of tooth restoration using dental implants. Dental implants are a truly restorative treatment that is surgically implanted into your jawbone below the gum line to function just like a natural tooth root. The difference between implants and fillings/crowns is that fillings/crowns are only bonded to the tooth instead of being surgically implanted. Once the implant has been placed, Dr. Chari will attach an artificial yet natural-looking and functioning tooth. Through time, your implant will become stronger and more stable as gum and bone grow around it.

People who have lost one or multiple teeth to periodontal disease, trauma, or another medical condition are excellent candidates for dental implants. Patients with dentures who are looking for relief from the messy and unreliable denture adhesives are also eligible for dental implants. Denture patients would be fitted with implant-supported dentures which are also referred to as anchored dentures. This type of dentures have strong and reliable support from the implants meaning shifting will be a thing of the past. With the added support and stability, many patients notice that they can chew and speak better than ever before.

Dental implants restore the smiles and lives of patients in a very transformative way. Patients with implants report increased comfort, a boost of confidence, and enhanced abilities to eat, speak and laugh naturally. To learn more about dental implants and determine if they’re right for you, call us to schedule a smile consultation: (905) 294 9905.